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Sweet Summer's Last Breath

Sweet Summer's Last Breath

On any given morning in Rochester, New York, you can look up from the corners of Exchange and Broad at those beautiful wings towering over the city. Iconic in nature and built to symbolize progress in 1929, they continue to inspire timeless design and tactful human effort in the 21st century. And nestled in their breast is a warm office where magic is made on any given day at any given moment. 

People from all walks of life come to create garments that frame possibility. Ones that not only carry the man, but that also carry his inner gaze. Whatsoever be his greatest inspiration, we clothe it in the finest cloth and make it hug him with the highest of honors. We don't just make great clothes, we frame possibility. 

Just this week a few good friends and clients stopped in to craft their next garments. 

And where two or more are gathered in my name, so there I am; the proverb states.. Yes each one of us is just one. But together, and with the power of the mastermind, we become limitless. 

We are all beacons in this world. And at Big Murphy's our highest intention is always the underlying current in each meeting. To build our clients' personal brands, so that they may carry the torch of their day with infinite strength, courage, and wisdom. 

And families and friends they are welcome too... 

At Big Murphy's our intention is to create a family of clients, a unity, and mastermind of friends, visionaries, and people from all walks of life growing and nursing a vision of greatness in their lives and those whose lives they directly affect. 

 Whether you're preparing for a trial or a wedding, a date or a destiny, Big Murphy's understands the higher elements at play, and will always have your back for all of your special days. Each and every one, not counted, but claimed. We are the contemporary fashion house, that understands your style. And we will always be here to serve you in presence and in while. Go hence and live with great passion, and serve with great strength. For in great cloth is great virtue, and in great words is great wisdom. I turn as always and salute you. 


Make No Small Plans,