Big Murphy's

Corsini 010

  • Corsini 010
Corsini 010 Corsini 010 Corsini 010

Big Murphy's

Corsini 010




**Each and every one of our shoes is handmade custom for you, and will arrive in 5-7 weeks**

Click this link in your browser to customize your shoe further:

Toe Box:Ā Painted Calf Med Brown

Foxing:Ā Painted Calf Dark Brown

Upper:Ā Kid Suede Brown

Sides:Ā Kid Suede Brown

Tongue:Ā Painted Calf Med Brown

Heel Counter:Ā Painted Calf Med Brown

Heel Tab:Ā Painted Calf Med Brown

Lining:Ā Tan Leather

Laces:Ā Laces Brown

Eyestay:Ā Painted Calf Dark Brown

Eyelets:Ā Graphite Metal

Sole:Ā Cream / Caramel